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Help !!!! Can someone tell me......?

I have been sick %26amp; unable to work here lately.Can someone tell me where there is some sort of "free dental clinic". I recently moved to Gwinnett co. from Hall co. %26amp; they got 1 there,please can some 1 tell me where there is 1 here too for people who cannot afford to go to a private dentist office???? PLEASE !!!!

Help !!!! Can someone tell me......?
Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.

Your local United Way may also be aware of such a clinic. In some areas, you can reach them now by dialing 2-1-1 for "non-emergency information."

Go to a dental school, if there is one near you, for reduced costs.

Check to see if low-cost or free dental services are available near you.

Check and choose "Find a Health Center" to see if there is a low-cost clinic near you.

Check to see if your state has a "Donated Dental Services" program. D.D.S. is designed to locate dentists who will give free care to patients who are financially compromised due to medical problems. This is a process that will take a couple of months to get your information and then arrange for someone to see you. Not all states have D.D.S. programs.
Reply:Contact local Red Cross for info.
Reply:Call the Gwinnett Co. board of health
Reply:I didnt even know such a place existed! I feel for you though, I went through hell with my teeth after I got pregnant.

Good luck to you.
Reply:you can try the dental school that is around your area. They will see you and its not very expensive.
Reply:i agree with the second answer

Call the Gwinnett Co. board of health
Reply:County health Department that should help
Reply:it figures another out of work spick looking for free health care. Why don't you pop out a couple of babies while you at it, you might as well you sound like you are destine for welfare anyways. W H O R E !!!

Abscessed tooth pulled, still hurts terribly, is it still infected?

I wen to a free dental clinic, with a sore tooth (rear bottom molar). I told the dentist I thought it might be infected, as I could taste a nasty pus, He x-rayed it and pulled an abscessed tooth on Feb 10th. I asked both the dentist and his assistant if I should be on antibiotics. They both said no, with the tooth gone, the infection was gone.

Since then, the nasty taste has gotten worse, and there is now a slimy, nasty white-ish stuff on my gum and cheek where the tooth was. And it hurts as bad as it did before the tooth was pulled. Should I be concerned? And should I call my family doctor and ask for a prescription for an antibiotic?


Abscessed tooth pulled, still hurts terribly, is it still infected?
sounds like your dentist is not to bright. You never have an infection in your mouth that just goes away. they always put you on an antibiotic . Call your doctor and have him give you an RX ...he will tell you that if the pain doesn't go away in 24 hours...he needs to see you..b/cause an infection in your mouth is a BIG deal.!! do this first thing in the morning..Take Advil tonight and try putting a couple folded damp Kleenex in you mouth where it hurts...some times this will sooth the can kind of bite down softly on it. good luck...don't wait on this. ♥ p.s. if you can't get into see your doctor go to one of the well care centers or whatever you have near your home.
Reply:Yes, call the clinic or your family doctor for antibiotics. It should have gotten better, not worse.
Reply:Sounds to me like you may need an antibiotic. Go see your regular doctor and get an antibiotic right away. The infection does not go away unless you treat it even "if" the tooth is gone, The gums were still infected. You may also have a "dry socket". My sister had that. Try calling the dentist and if he will not give you an antibiotic go to a clinic where you can get an antibiotic because the infection from teeth and gums can spread to other areas of your body. Good luck!
Reply:An abcess can be very stubborn. It sounds to me like the abcess is still in the gum and jaw and you do need to see your family doctor. In the meantime, rinse your mouth out several times a day with warm very salty water. This will help keep the area clean, help with the pain.
Reply:"Most" of the time you don't need the antibiotics for the extraction mostly root canals. It is normal to experience soreness after the extraction, but it could be a dry socket, did you smoke, drink through a stray, eat something with seeds in it? If so, you need to call the dentist so he can clean out the infected are, do it tomorrow because it will get worse.

Does any dear preggie here has heartburn and empty stomach all the time.i m 6weeks?

i m 6 weeks and hungry all the time.i m eating,fruits,veggies,juices alot,everything.but i have no crave for sweet whereas the secret is that i m fond of sweets since childhood and my teeth are...i m always in dental clinic....since i m sweet..STRANGE..

the problem is t his that i eat too much and gaining weight in days.i had 143lbs and now it is 147.4lbs.what should i do?do u have same problem or can i manage my eating.i m 22yrs,5.8 in height.

any help is appreciated.

Does any dear preggie here has heartburn and empty stomach all the time.i m 6weeks?
Don't stop eating. Eat foods that have nutrition and suit you. Nuts, cereals, eggs, fruits like apples etc. Don't give u p carbs - they are essential for energy. if you are not allergic to milk drink some cold milk. You and your baby need the nutrition. ask your doctor for a good and suitable heartburn medicine. When you get in the morning eat dry toast, that will help you with the heartburn. you are not overweight, you will be putting on about 10 kgs (22 pounds approx), and it will take some to lose. This fat is needed fro breast feeding and other purposes. Eat smart, eat plenty do not diet. Your weight is absolutely correct. and listen eat what you love, because you'll be satisfied, and that's important

I have been there, done that!

Take care and congrats about your baby.
Reply:I've experienced that. i was in modeling career before. i got pregnant when i was 19. i ate a lot same as you. its okay to eat but think of your figure. you will ruin it. its okay to eat a lot but minimize your carbo and meats. more on veggies and fruits. avoid sweets(chocolate,ice cream and candies) and softdrinks(cola)and very cold drinks. do some exercise. its normal to gain weight bcoz u r not alone now. you have your angel in your tummy. so take care and congratulation.
Reply:if your eating healthy food rather then sweets ur gaining healthy weight which means u'll most probably take the weight off easily. not everyone craves sweets during pregnant, i didn't have any cravings at all during my craving part at hte beginning of my pregnancy. so i wudn't worry, and since ur only 6weeks u still have plenty of time to start craving i mean really the embreyo has only just depveloped into a human looking creature.
Reply:hi,when i was pregnant i always has heartburn in the last two months,i probablt only ate rennies heartburn tablets,orange juice was big no no for me beacause of the citric acid,i had no cravings really at at all only for two days all i could think about were apple turn overs.i actually only put on what the baby weighed and maybe lost a bit myself,just try to refrain from eating too much i did not eat for two as thay say,but i by no means starved just ate what i normally i know its hard
Reply:well my best advice for this is to try eating less at your meals... just eat more freq. i felt the same way during my pregancy and i gained 60 lbs... not good! that last 10 is a pain to get off lol... try going to and they have a lot of recipes for eating and good advice on heart burn and things you could eat to help! good luck!
Reply:The trick to having less heartburn/indigestion while you are pregnant is to eat more frequent smaller meals.

If you are still having indigestion...try using an all natural antacid. One with no aluminum, magnesium or calcium. I know tums is popular for it's extra calcium..but what most people don't know is that the calcium causes acid reflux....and that's often worse feeling than the original heartburn was.

The only fda approved all-natural antacid I know of is Brioschi. It worked well for me when I was pregnant.

We need some help with our work schedule?

I work in a very busy dental clinic for kids. Recently at a meeting, we ( the assistants) would like to come up with a schedule so that we ( all 8 assistants ) would not have to work late everyday and still be able to get our 40 hours per week. Our hours of business are monday and wed 9a.m. to 8 p.m tues and thurs 10 a.m to 8 p.m. and Fri 9a.m. to 5 p.m. in order to come up with a scheduled that works we have to have 1 assistant per column. There are 7 columns on our schedule. Anyone out there willing to figure out this puzzle?We'd really appreciate it.

We need some help with our work schedule?
I'm sure I can come up with something, but I need a bit of clarification. I can get the 5 days per week, but what do you mean by 7 columns?

Implant vs. retreat Root canal?

It seems that root canal i had done 3 weeks ago has not healed completely because i have still tenderness under the gum of the tooth and a small abscess there. My dentist says to wait another week or so because it *may* heal up. So assuming I need a retreat, it would cost about 1000$.

The thing is, am planning to be in India for expended time starting in about 8 weeks time. I was planning to have the crown extension that is need and new crown work done in a very good dental clinic in New Delhi.

So I'm think just get the tooth pulled, and go for an implant in Delhi, that will cost 900 + 300 for the crown rather than take a chance with an expensive retreat. I could wait 8 weeks and get the retreat done then (they offer laser root canal) but i have some discomfort that i wish would go away.

What should i do in this situation?

Implant vs. retreat Root canal?
Go with the implant and it's more likely you'll never have problems with that tooth again.

Walk in Dentist in Maine?

Does any know of a walk in dental clinic anywhere in Maine?

Walk in Dentist in Maine?
yeah there are a couple


Help! My husband and I have a friend that won't help himself better himself .?

Our friend lived with his mom. She treated him like a baby. She died, unexpectedly. He moved up here by us and our other friend. We have tried to help him better himself, by suggesting he go to a dentist(we even found a free dental clinic; he refused to go). Our other friend is trying to have him set up a budget. He does have a job, so there's no problem there. Maybe if he saw his and people's suggestions, he would be able to listen to our suggestions. We aren't trying to run his life; just try to help him. No snide remarks please.

Help! My husband and I have a friend that won't help himself better himself .?
you can not make someone "better them self" no matter what you do. whose to say that he can't live his life the way he wants to?
Reply:The sad truth is...there is nothing you can do to help someone that doesn't wanna be helped.

He won't change for you, he can only change for himself.
Reply:Just keep encouraging him. You've got to make sure you don't actively interfere. If he's content with himself as he is, then you should leave him be.

You've made offers of help and he's rejected them. I think it's time for you to wait for him to ask for your help. He may even end up doing these things on his own.
Reply:He is a grown man,and no one can make him grow up.Sounds like he has it easy, he lets his friends do his worrying for him.I wouldn't try too hard if I were you, he needs to stand on his own two feet.And personal hygiene is his matter.You sound like a good friend, don't get used out of the deal....They have to want to change to really do anything about it...

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