Monday, November 16, 2009

How much is the dental cost inside UAE?

id like to remove one of my teeth, how much it will cost in a private dental clinic or government clinic?

im in sharjah and on visit visa without health card yet

How much is the dental cost inside UAE?
Please visit the link giving below:

This link provides you with contact numbers, adresses, opinions about certain dentists and some even offer a price list.

Take care and I hope it helped.
Reply:Pretty expensive as you usually are charge to open a file, then to see the doctor then for the actual treatment.. long trail of cost before you even see the doctor but each hospital/dentist varies.
Reply:Seriously it's not that expensive.

In your case, you have to see a private dental doctor as they dont ask health card etc. The minimum cost for a tooth extraction by a Dubai DOH Certified Dentist is Dhs. 75.

There's 3-5 dental clinics inside the Shk Rashid Apartment Building in Karama. This building is along the Karama Central Post Office. Above the HADI Shop (3rd or 4th Floor) is where you will find some good Dentist at an affordable costs.

Please find Dra. Ambata (Philippino Lady Dentist).

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